Indexing Medical Records

Converting your old paper documents by scanning? Clear up the electronic mess by utilizing Infinity’s indexing services…

Medical records indexing is an important function since it involves organizing and storing information such as the patient’s demographic and treatment information together in one place for easy retrieval later. This helps medical staff access all the information that they need quickly and easily to determine treatment options as well as to be compliant with patient data storage and healthcare document management requirements.

Infinity’s Indexing services include Electronic Medical Record Storage, Healthcare Document Management and indexing medical records such as Insurance Information, Health Insurance ID card, Patient’s demographic sheet and EOBs. Once the documents are scanned and available as images, our team can perform the medical records indexing to your electronic health record (EHR) or Document Management system (DMS) or the Practice management software (PMS).

In the US it is mandatory for physical records to be held for a minimum of seven years, for which all paper based records require a significant amount of storage at different locations. Collating them to a single location for a referral or review by any healthcare provider is time consuming and complicated thus delaying the process. Also, paper based records are at risk of damage by pests and natural calamities. Hence, digitizing, scanning and indexing medical records seem to be the simplest solution to all these problems.

We deploy teams experienced in medical terminologies and the medical billing process to examine each scanned document. Medical records indexing of these documents are then accomplished by moving the scanned documents into the appropriate Folders and sub-folders. This facilitates easy retrieval of the records and also saves on storage and administrative costs.

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