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As a prominent medical billings healthcare provider, Infinity obtains insurance information from patients for filing and appealing claims to receive payments for services rendered. We provide highly authenticated and personalized services.

We help with the claiming of insurance information irrespective of private companies or government-sponsored programs.Medical Coding reports are analyzed to claim insurance to the prices for the treatments accordingly.

We authenticate the information and details obtained from the patients are genuine before carrying out the billing process.





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Physician Credentialing Services

Physician credentialing and provider enrollment services is a process of enrolment and attestation that a physician is part of a Payer’s network and authorized to provide services to patients who are members in the Payer’s plans.

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

InfinityRCM is completely flexible in the services that it can provide as well as the pricing models. InfinityRCM offers the complete revenue cycle management suite or specific services on a ‘a-la-carte’ basis.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Research confirms that most of the claims are denied or delayed due to inadequate or incorrect coverage information provided by the patients during visits and current coverage information not updated by the office / hospital staff.

Indexing Medical Records

Medical records indexing is an important function since it involves organizing and storing information such as the patient’s demographic and treatment information together in one place for easy retrieval later.

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To achieve revenue maximization for our clients. To provide competitive advantage to our clients with quality services at competitive prices. To be identified as the best partner in the healthcare revenue cycle management business.

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